Alduco Corrosion Control      

Corrosion Control & Cathodic Protection Services

AE provides complete cathodic protection services from initial investigative surveys through engineering design and equipment supply to site installation and commissioning. This is available for new facilities and retrofits of existing operational piping, tanks/vessels & structures both offshore and onshore.

Our corrosion control solutions are innovative and cost effective and include sacrificial and impressed current cathodic protection systems.

Facilities serviced:

Onshore-pipelines, tanks, wellcasing, process
   plant piping & equipment

• Offshore-platforms, & FPSOs
• Jetties, terminals & SBMs
• Harbours, piers & quay walls
• Concrete reinforcement

Products & services:

• Consulting
Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
• CP Surveys
   - CIPS
   - DCVG
   - PCM
   - Stray Current
   - Soil Resistivity
   - Current Attenuation
• CP Monitoring
• Retrofits
• Cathodic protection systems
   - Impressed current solutions
   - Sacrificial anodes
• Marine coatings and wraps
• Material, equipment, system selection & supply

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