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Company News 2020

December 10th 2020 - Alduco Engineering Service announces Joint Venture with International Paint – AkzoNobel UAE Paints LLC.

Alduco Engineering Services are pleased to announce that we have entered into Joint Venture with International Paint AkzoNobel UAE Paints LLC well-known in the oil and Gas industry for best quality paint and chemicals to supply paint in Equatorial Guinea.

Alduco Engineering Service becomes the official distributor of International Paint Protective Coatings for AkzoNobel UAE Paints LLC in Equatorial Guinea.

AkzoNobel is the leading International paints, coatings, and chemicals Manufacturer. The range of product covers Coatings & fire protection for Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Facilities, Corrosion & fire protection coatings for buildings, Coatings for abrasive and corrosive environments, Corrosion Protection for Thermal Power, Protection for transportation vessels & pipeline, Linings & corrosion protection in water & waste.

The joint Venture between Alduco Engineering Service and AkzoNobel UAE Paints LLC is a great opportunity to Equatorial Guinea International paint demand locally. Alduco engineering service provides procurement service in Equatorial Guinea. Alduco will have a stock in country to provide paints specially required for the Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Facilities. The availability of the products locally facilitates the need especially on immediate demand of companies in Equatorial Guinea.

About International Paint AkzoNobel

International Paint AkzoNobel is one of the largest chemical and paint provider, expert in manufacturing paints and coatings, setting the standard in color and protection since 1792. AkzoNobel’s brand includes Dulux, International, Sikkens and Interpon, trusted by customers around the world. The headquartered is in the Netherlands, active in over 150 countries.

About Alduco Engineering Service

Alduco Engineering Services (AES) is company providing Quality Engineering, Asset Integrity Management, Specialist manpower supply and Procurement services to the oil & gas sector in the Gulf of Guinea.

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