Corrosion Protection at Pipe Supports      


Anti-Corrosion Pipe Support Clips for Grinnell Clamps & Pipe Cradles
in conjunction with Deepwater Corrosion Inc.

Clips on to new or existing saddle clamp-style supports,
eliminating the crevice at the support.

i-clip i-clip supports

The I-Clip attached to new or existing saddle clamp-style supports, eliminating the crevice at the support.


Product Overview

I-Clip is an individual pipe support clip installed on the inside diameter of a pipe saddle (≤10 foot diameter). The clips themselves are mechanically held in place, allowing them to be retrofitted easily along existing pipe runs. New Grinnell and cradle-style supports can also be easily fitted with I-Clip systems. I-Clips are made out of a variety of materials, suited for elevated temperatures and large weight loads. Applications include: Pipe Cradle Retrofits, Large diameter band clamps, concrete or timber pier supports, high load riser clamps.

Main Benefits

Half-round shape
The half-round shape minimizes contact between the pipe and the support, eliminating the crevice. Keeping water out keeps corrosion at bay.

I-Clips also provides an electrically isolated stand-off between the pipe and the supporting beam or saddle clamp. This allows for easy maintenance and inspection, while preventing galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals (the pipe and support).

The I-Clip also has excellent compressive strength, and a very low friction coefficient, ensuring reliable service for as long as the pipe requires it.



corroded support i-clip supports
Corrosion at cradle support Problem eliminated


Grinnell Clamps can have I-Clips retrofitted or pre-installed.

i-clips & grinnel clamps i-clips on grinnel clamp
grinnel clamps with i-clips grinnel clamp with i-clip

Water entrapment is eliminated so there is almost no risk of crevice corrosion.

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